About Us

Enormous vehicular increase and maintaining traffic flow on the network of roads grown to dread. So Traffic Wardens Force got shaped primarily for this purpose of organizing and enforcing traffic safety compliance on the roads and a very enthusiastic, well trained, public-friendly, and service orienting force committed to excellence in traffic management, highest standards of integrity and courtesy was launched in 2006. City Traffic Police Lahore with approximately 3000 Traffic wardens accepted the responsibility for policing a 12-million-persons city, by performing a wide variety of public safety, law enforcement, traffic management, counter-terrorism, and emergency response roles.

According to the collected data, there are a total of about 6.2 million vehicles and 4.2 million motorcycles are present only in Lahore. You can gauge the sheer number of vehicles in Lahore by comparing the number of vehicles in Lahore with the 19.6 million vehicles in the entire province of Punjab. This shows that Lahore has around 32% of vehicles in Punjab. But City Traffic Police Lahore with its 3000 traffic wardens and 215 Senior Traffic Wardens are covering the entire city. The department is catering nearly 10-million daily riders, 195 traffic junctions, 1,772 square kilometers of the city area, and 03 signal-free corridors. Additionally, Our Road Safety Officers serve on the city's busy streets and highways, and as school safety agents, protecting public schools and the over-a-million students who attend them. The force with its outstanding decorum in terms of being well equipped performed its operations successfully, with a positive influence on the public perceptions, while on duty Traffic Wardens achieved the highest level of Public satisfaction through courteous attitude and helping them when they are on road.

In the past few years, the department has achieved spectacular declines in fatal accidents due to head injuries, ensuring that Lahore city has the lowest overall rate of fatal accidents due to head injuries declined up to 41 %. The automation of various functions of City Traffic Police Lahore through technological solutions has become a success story with the dedicated hard work by the police officials to bring genuine reforms in the centuries-old system to facilitate the citizens. Our RASTA app has shown unprecedented acceptance by the citizens as so far 260,503 people have downloaded this Smartphone application and enjoying fantabulous advantages.


  • Enforcing laws and regulations
  • Casualty reduction
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Reducing anti-social use of the roads
  • Denying criminals the use of the roads
  • Public reassurance by high visibility patrolling of the road network
  • Providing public information, handouts, and displays to encourage safe driving and usage of the roads
  • Observing and reporting damage to the roadways, and conducting hasty road surveys after disasters or the passage of inclement weather


The force is aimed to increase the public preference towards adherence to the traffic laws and regulations.


City Traffic Police Lahore envisions enhancing the quality of life in the City by working in partnership with the community to enforce the law, conserve peace, and protect people.


In partnership with the community, we pledge to:
Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens and impartially enforce the law. Fight lawbreaking, both by preventing it and aggressively pursuing violators of the law. Value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our services with courtesy and civility.

Chief Traffic Officers




  CAPT. (R) SYED HAMMAD ABID 19-02-2020 -
  CAPT. (R) LIAQAT ALI MALIK 22-06-2018 19-02-2020
  RAI IJAZ AHMED PSP 27-02-2017 21-06-2018
  DIG CAPT. (R) SYED AHMED MOUBEEN PSP 26-11-2016 13-02-2017
  TAYYAB HAFEEZ CHEEMA PSP 26-07-2014 26-11-2016
  CAPT. (R) SOHAIL CHOUDHRY PSP 20-09-2012 13-07-2014
  SYED AHMED MOUBEEN PSP 15-09-2012 18-09-2012
  DR. USMAN ANWAR PSP 12-04-2012 15-09-2012
  SARFARAZ AHMED FALKI PSP 01-02-2012 11-04-2012
  SYED AHMED MOUBEEN PSP 03-09-2010 01-03-2012
  INTESAR HUSSAIN JAFFERY 21-08-2009 19-12-2009
  MIRZA SHAKIL AHMED PPM, PSP 13-04-2009 21-08-2009
  HUSSAIN HABIB GILL 07-07-2008 07-04-2009
  GHULAM MEHMOOD DOGAR PSP 23-07-2007 30-06-2008
  WASEEM AHMED KHAN PSP 01-07-2006 23-07-2007

Our Formation

Below is the formation chart to streamline and firmly expedite the distribution of work amongst various offices to achieve the following objectives: